Religion seems to constantly be unnecessarily at odds with science. Professor Einstein, one of our greatest theoretical physicists, believed that “God does not play dice with the universe”. Even one of our most basic forces (Gravity) still eludes us in its mystery. We have numerous equations to define its observed behavior, but no clues as to why it works. The same thing goes for electro-magnetism. With this new model of the universe, there need not be any conflict.

Science and religion should be dealing with different questions. The basic question science strives to understand is HOW the universe was created. The question that religion attempts to understand is WHY the universe was created. The conflict arises when science denies that there may be a why, or religion presumes to have the answer as to how the creation occurred. This new model of the universe could even unify science and religion, if the scientists, and the religious scholars, gain the wisdom to concentrate on their realm of expertise, and not be as arrogant as to believe either side can read the mind of GOD.